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Ribbed Socks

I’m just loving knitting socks at the moment and almost felt I was a little left out, so decided to knit myself some. This time something really plain just so I can say I have a pair!

These are ribbed starting from just where the toe increases end and then right up to the leg. I finished it just before my calf starts for a little more draft protection during winter. Lets face it, no one likes a draft up the old trouser leg!

At the moment I am totally knitting on a budget so many or most of my yarns will be acrylic based. This is a bonus DK which I picked up at my LYS, and for acrylic its pretty soft on the tootsies. I love the little tufts of navy and gold!

OK, so the socks are toe up and this time I cast on 20 stitches (10 each needle) onto 3.25 circs. increasing to 40 (20 each needle) for a nice round toe. I’m beginning to dislike the rather pointed ballet point shape so I thought I try a different number.

After the toe increases, straight onto p2, k2 ribbing for the instep and knit the sole. A short row heel decreasing to 8 working stitches then back up to the original 20.

As soon as all the stitches have been put back into play, I started ribbing all the way round p2, k2 and just carried on right up the leg.

Finished with a sewn bind off, (which actually was a little tight this time but everything was ok, thankfully!) and you’re good to go!

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dgtlkttn-20090710130506dgtlkttn-20090710130011The other day I started knitting a pair of socks using the toe up method and short row heel found here and turned out a neat little cabled ankle sock.

You can download the pdf pattern here. Right click the link and “save as”.

Please note that the heel and toe are not my pattern but those of Priscilla Wild and Judy Becker as demonstrated respectively. Thank you so much for making knitting socks that much easier!! 🙂